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My great great grandparents


George's wife Mary was Mary Ann Pewtrall - she married a George Hickling from Bardon, Leicester on 21 December 1827 at Markfield, Leicestershire.  George and Mary had at least eight children -

Francis** Thomas Hickling b1829, Hugglescote, Leicester

 John Hickling b1830, Hugglescote, Leicester

 James Hickling b1833, Hugglescote, Leicester

 Henry Hickling b1835, Hugglescote, Leicester

Sarah Hickling b1837, Hugglescote, Leicester

Elizabeth Hickling b1841, Hugglescote, Leicester

William Hickling b1844, Hugglescote, Leicester

Jane Hickling b1847, Hugglescote, Leicester

**My great grandfather. 

The above information was kindly supplied by Malcolm Hickling who carried out a One-name study regarding the surname Hickling.  His website is http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~hickling/ but sadly Malcolm died in June 2008. I had an email from Diane Hicklin who was very worried that Malcolm's research did not appear to have been deposited anywhere.  The Society of Genealogists of which, Malcolm was a member, did not have any information nor apparently did the GOONS organisation (Guild of One Name Studies) of which we thought, Malcolm was associated.

Diane managed to get in touch with Malcolm's family and did take over his role as the custodian of the Hicklin and variants One Name Study (ONS) - http://www.one-name.org/profiles/hicklin.html  was the link to Diane's page within the GOONS network. 

Unfortunately due to personal reasons Diane has had to give up this role. The Hickling One Name Study now has a new custodian - Phil Hand and his email address is hickling@one-name.org 


I originally found a George Hickling on the IGI - this George was born about 1796, Hugglescote, Leicestershire - baptised at Hathern, 7 October 1811 when he was 6 years old. Plus other siblings whose parents were - George and Margaret HICKLING.  However, we now think that this George Hickling is not ours - see below


An enquiry on the Leicestershire Rootsweb list led to me receiving more information regarding the Pewtrall surname - please follow this link for the Pewtrall family.  Another lister Alison U Ring has the fiches for Markfield and kindly informed me that George HICKLING, bachelor (x) of Bardon to Mary PUTREL, of Markfield, spinster (x) by banns 21 Dec 1827.  Witnesses: George PUTREL (x) and Dorothy HARVEY (x) and John NEWBALL.

Thanks to Genes Reunited, I have met a distant cousin who is also on the HICKLING trail. Carolynn Skelton, known as Lynn, is also a descendent of George and Mary Hickling - Lynn's family connection is her Great Grandfather, Henry Hickling.  Carolynn Skelton and I visited the Family History Centre at Grenoside to see if they have information regarding our Hickling family in Leicestershire.  We found several births and marriages on the IGI but in order to view the Parish Registers for Markfield and Hathern in Leicestershire we had to order the microfilms.  These eventually arrived and we found the entries shown below and others which are shown on the Pewtrall family page.

Viewing the film of the Parish Registers for Markfield  showed the entry for the marriage of George Hickling and Mary Putril - my 2 x Great Grandparents:

[  Page 33  ]

MARRIAGES solemnized in the Parish of Markfield

in the County of Leicester in the Year 1827

George Hickling Bachelor                                        of the Parish Extra parochial Parish of Bardon in this County

and Mary Putril Spinster                                          of this Parish

were married in this Church by Banns

this Twenty first day of

Decr in the year one thousand eitht-hundred and twenty Seven

By me Wm Fry Curate

Marriage was solemnized between us George Hickling's X Mark

Mary Putril's Mark X

In the Presence of George Putril's X Mark

                            Dorothy Harvey's X Mark         

No.99                   John Newball Clerk

I also found the baptism of my 2 x Great Grandmother Mary Ann Putrell - baptised at Markfield on 20 April 1804, but unfortunately did not get a printout.  Please follow the Putrell/Peutrel/Pewtrall link for research relating to my 2 x Great Grandmother Mary Pewtrall.

A son for Mary before her marriage to George?  There might be an explanation in the Markfield Poor Law records; one for future research.

Page 37

B A P T I S M S solemnized in the Parish of Markfield

in the County of Leicester in the Year 1825


 407 No 414




Christian Name

Parents Name

Abode Quality, Trade, or Profession By whom the Ceremony was performed




May 15

No. 410




 Mary Pewtril Markfield Servant

W Fry


The baptism of my Great Grandfather, Francis Thomas Hickling -

Page 63

B A P T I S M S solemnized in the Parish of Markfield

in the County of Leicester in the Year 1828

Nos 547 No 554




Christian Name

Parents Name

Abode Quality, Trade, or Profession By whom the Ceremony was performed






No. 550

Francis Thomas



George & Mary Hickling Markfield Labourer

W Fry



In the Hathern records I discovered an entry which I thought was George Hickling's birth - its a multi-baptism which took place on 7 October 1804:

Baptism 1804

Oct 7 Anne Aged 8 yrs          )

          Mary an infant           )daughters of George & Margaret Hickling


George Age 6 years              )sons of George & Margaret Hickling

Thomas Age 4 years             )

However, Carolynn has led me to believe that the above baptisms are not 'our' Hickling family as she has found a George Hickling "born Hathern" in the 1851 Census living in Nottingham and working as a framework knitter. This census entry also matches some of the following Hathern baptisms:

Page ??

B A P T I S M S solemnized in the Parish of Hathern

in the County of Leicester in the Year 1829

Nos 622 to No 628




Christian Name

Parents Name

Abode Quality, Trade, or Profession By whom the Ceremony was performed





No. 625

Born April 8th 1822 James aged 7 years & 9 months

George & Mary Hickling Hathern Framework Knitter




No. 626

Thos born Feby 27 1824 George & Mary Hickling Hathern Framework knitter E.T.M.Phillippe



No. 627

Sidney born April 17th 1826 George & Mary Hickling Hathern Framework knitter E.T.M.Phillippe



No. 628

Caroline born July 6th 1828 George & Mary Hickling Hathern Framework knitter E.T.M.Phillippe

Return to topSo the search for George's origin and parents goes on . . .

Carolynn emailed me stating that she had information from someone's tree on Ancestry.co.uk.  This showed William's parents as William Hickling from Charley, LEI and Elizabeth Burgess from Whitwick.

Someone at the LDS Church, Grenoside had hired the film for Whitwick and I found their marriage in the nick of time before the film was returned:

1783 Marriages

Wm Hicklin of Charley and Eliz. Burges of this Parish were

married in this Church by Banns this 12 Day of November

John Burges and Hannah Wardle both of this Parish were married in this

Church by Banns this 25th day of November

My 2 x Great Grandparents George and Mary Hickling  appear on the 1841 Census for Hugglescote, Leicestershire, page 16a - all born in county:

George Hickling,

age 40, an Ag Lab

Mary, age 35 Francis*, age 12

John, age 10

James, age 8 Henry, age 6 Sarah, age 4 Elizabeth, age 4months

* My Great Grandfather.  This 1841 Census information was kindly sent to me by Marianne Burton via the LEICESTERSHIRE-PLUS-L Rootsweb Mailing List.  Marianne also added that there were two more households in Hugglescote with Hickling names -

John Hickling, age 35, a Coal miner

John, age 13

And in another household was a Harriot Hickling, age 20, a Female servant.  I need to find out more information before I can be certain that these other Hugglescote Hicklings belong to our Hickling family.

In 1849 on 26 November, Francis Thos Hickling was recorded as a witness to the marriage of Elizabeth Hannah Pewtrell and George Hewitt, the bride's father being Joseph Pewtrall - and the bride was the sister of Mary Pewtrall, Francis's Mother.

Thanks to another Leicestershire Web site http://uk.geocities.com/leicslookup/ (site no longer available) - Harvey Bates, who resides in Adelaide, South Australia. Harvey sent me the following information regarding the Hickling family, still living in Hugglescote, from the 1851 Census index - I have now obtained the full copy; however on Ancestry.co.uk they have been transcribed as "Stickling" - I have filled in the amendment form for each member of the family -

George Hickling,

age 53, Lab. on the Coal Pit Bank, b1798, Leicestershire, Hugglescote

Mary, age 48, b1803, Leicestershire, Markfield Francis*, Unmarried, age 23, Coal Miner, b1828, Leicestershire, Markfield  John, age 21, Coal Miner, b1830, Leicestershire, Markfield James, age 18, Coal Miner, b1833, Leicestershire, Markfield
Henry, age 16, Coal Miner, b1835, Leicestershire, Markfield Sarah, age 14, Runs Lace, b1837, Leicestershire, Markfield Elizabeth, age 10, Scholar, b1841, Leicestershire, Hugglescote William, age 7, Scholar, b1844, Leicestershire, Hugglescote Jane*, age 4, Scholar, b1847, Leicestershire, Hugglescote

Their Schedule No. was 97 and looking at the previous Census page, against Schedule No. 93 in the 'Name of Street, Place or Road' Column it stated "on the Donington Road. In Green Row".

The above information shows that my Great Grandfather* must have left Leicestershire for the pits of South Yorkshire shortly after this Census as can be seen from the certificate shown below, he was married in Rawmarsh, Yorkshire in 1853. 

* David Pittam - 2 x Great Grandson of Jane Hickling, on finding this website, contacted me with information regarding Jane.  Please follow this link to find out more about Jane

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Francis Thomas Hickling = Mary Thomson (nee Vaughan)

My great grandparents


I have received the wedding certificate for Francis and Mary, and much to my surprise, found that she was a widow at only 25 when they married in 1853 - 


Given at the General Register Office

1853, Marriage Solemnized at the the Parish Church  in the Parish of Rotherham  in the County of York


When married

Name and Surname



Rank or Profession

Residence at the time of marriage

Father's name and surname

Rank or profesion of father


March 22nd 1853

Francis Hickling

Mary Thompson









George Hickling

Charles Vaughan



Married in the Parish Church according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church, by Banns; by me

Thomas Smilh, Curate

Francis and Mary signed their Mark X register; the Witnesses were John Hickling and Mary Watkinson X his and her mark

*John Hickling was the bridegroom's brother.

Keen to discover who was Mary's first husband, I searched for previous marriage entry for Mary Vaughan.  This brought no record on the Free BMD site; but on the Ancestry.co.uk site I found that, included on the list for marriages taking place in the December quarter 1848 were Abraham Thompson and Mary Vaughan.  I have sent for their wedding certificate.  Knowing the full name of Mary's first husband I then searched for his death.

I found that Abraham had died during the March quarter of 1852 and the death was registered at Rotherham.  This certificate should arrive on our doormat within seven days.  Details of Mary's first wedding and Abraham's subsequent death can be found on the Vaughan family web page.

1861 Census

Shown on the Census as living at Upper Haugh:

Francis T Hickling, aged 32, Coal Miner, born Leicestershire,


Mary Hickling, wife, aged 33, born  Yorks, Thorpe

   Fredric Thompson, stepson, aged 9, Scholar, born Yorks, Rawmarsh Henry Hickling, son, aged 5, Scholar, born  Yorks, Rawmarsh, Bertha Hickling, daughter, age 3, Scholar, born Yorks, Rawmarsh

Adline (sic) Hickling, daughter, aged 2, born  Yorks, Rawmarsh

Francis T Hickling, son,

aged 5m, born  Yorks, Rawmarsh

This Census reveals that Abraham and Mary did have a child, now age nine.  In the 1851 Censes, Mary was shown with her son George, age 1, I need to find out what happened to George.  No record though on the BMD site, so I will have to search the parish records for details.  The birth of Adeline Hickling is on BMD, but no record of Bertha is to be found, except a marriage in 1877 March quarter v9c p605 to either Herbert Gamblen (sic) or Frederick Hague.  (This mystery was solved later following details of the marriage of Frances Ann Hickling to James Fretwell - one of the witnesses was Bertha Gambles.)

Adeline, though appears in the NBI list as being buried in Rawmarsh St Mary's churchyard on 28 Jan 1862 age 3 years.  Also on the NBI list is Mary Jane Hickling buried 1 Oct 1868 aged 5 from Upper Haugh.

Another death found on the Rotherham FHS burial list was listed as follows:

THOMPSON Fredriss (sic) 19 Sep 1868 abode: Upper Haugh age: 17 son of Mary Hickling
Grave location Rawmarsh High Street Cemetery from 22/Jan/1867 to 17/Jan/1871

This must be the son of Abraham and Mary Thompson shown on the above 1861 Census entry as stepson of Francis and Mary Hickling.  I don't know if Fredriss was a nickname or if the transcriber had difficulty with the name.  It is however shown on FeeBMD as "Fredis Thompson".

Gordon Neal (a Vaughan researcher informed me that Francis Thomas Hickling, along with Ann Finney were witnesses at the marriage of John Vaughan and Sarah Waddams on 13 October 1861.  John was the brother of Francis Thomas's wife Mary.  The Finney family lived at Upper Haugh, neighbours of the Hickling family.  Sarah Waddams was a widow; her family name had been Finney - details on the Vaughan family website.

Also found on the 1861 Census were George and Mary Hickling still residing in Hugglescote on Ibstock Road, with their son, William:

George Hickling, Head, Marr, age 63, Labourer on the Coal Pit Bank, born Leicester, Hugglescote

Mary Hickling, Wife, Marr, age 56, born Leicester, Markfield

William Hickling, son, Unmarried,

age 17, Shoemaker, born Leicester, Hugglescote

George and Mary's daughter, Sarah Hickling had married George Dexter on 25 December 1860 and in the 1861 Census they were residing  in Mill Street, Hugglescote, Leics: 

George Dexter, Head, Married, age 25, Groom, born Leics, Roathley (sic)

Sarah Dexter, Wife, Married, age 24, born Leics, Markfield

- their son, Henry Hickling had moved up to South Yorkshire and was living in Barnsley; he had married Lucy Litchfield and details are shown here.

I was unable to trace John, James or Elizabeth in the 1861 Census. However I have found the following possibilities:

This entry could be John and James Hickling, names wrongly heard or transcribed by the enumerator or the householder, two brothers boarding in Wombwell, South Yorkshire,  the village of Wombwell, staying at the 'Prince of Wales' (John did eventually move to South Yorkshire) -

William Wild, Head, Mar, age 34, Beerhouse keeper, born Wakefield, Yorkshire

Ann Wild, Wife, Marr, age 28, born Wakefield, Yorkshire

William Dawson, Boarder, Un, age 20, Coal Miner, born Leicestershire

James Hickley, Boarder, Un, age 28,

Coal Miner, born Leicestershire

John Hickley, Boarder, Un, age 30,

Coal Miner, born Leicestershire

This entry is more certain, Elizabeth at Donington le Heath, Leicestershire, living in the household of John Puxley White:

John Puxley White, Head, Mar, age 31, Chief Clerk & Travelor to the Snibston Colliery Comp'y, born Middlesex, Islington

Mary Ann White, Wife, Marr, age 30, born Hampshire, Upton

Jason H Reeves White, son, Un, age 9, Scholar, born Middlesex, Hoxton

John Puxley White, son, Un, age 8, Scholar, born Middlesex, Hoxton

George L White, son, Un, age 5, Scholar, born Leicester, Donington le Heath

Arthur Ivy(?) White, son, Un, age 3, born Leicester, Donington le Heath Armina Louisa White, daur, Un, age 2, born Leicester, Donington le Heath Mary Anne White, daur, Un, age 1m, born Leicester, Donington le Heath Elizabeth Hickling, Servant, Un, age 20, House Maid, born Leicester, Hugglescote. John Aines, Servant, Un, age 17, Stable Boy and Gardener, born Leicester, Enderby  Mary Whetton, Servant, Un, age 14, Nurse Maid, born Leicester, Donington le Heath

Only one member of George and Mary Hickling's family missing in 1861 is Jane . . . ?

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1871 Census

Francis and Mary were living at Upper Haugh, most probably Chapel Walk, as appearing on the schedule - just above the previous household, the census log states Haugh Weslean Chapele (sic) and that was on Chapel Walk.

Francis Thomas Hickling, aged 42, a Coal Miner, born Lestershire(sic),


Mary Hickling, wife, aged 42, born  York, Thorpe Hesley

Henry Hickling, son, aged 15, a coal miner, born  York, Haugh,   Bertha Hickling, daughter, age 13 , born York, Haugh

Francis Hickling, son,

aged 10, born  York, Haugh, Rawmarsh

Frances Ann Hickling, daughter, aged 6, born  Yorks, Haugh

Willey (sic) Hickling*, son, aged 4,

born Haugh

BORN:   ABT 1829

17 Sep 1826 ABT 1855 ABT 1858 28 Dec 1861 1864, 6 Mar 1866

 * My Grandfather

I have now received my grandfather Willie Hickling's, birth certificate -




1867 BIRTH in the Sub-District of Kimberworth in the Counties of York

Columns 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


When and where born

Name (if any)


Name and Surname of Father

Name and Maiden Surname of Mother

Rank or Profession of Father

Signature, Description and Residence of Informant

When Registered

Signature of Registrar


Sixth March 1867

Upper Haugh Rawmarsh



Francis Thomas Hickling

Mary Hickling formerly Vaughan

Coal Miner

Mary Hickling Mother

Upper Haugh Rawmarsh

Twentysixth March 1867

John Lund Registrar

My 2 x G Grandparents, George Hickling and his wife were in Hugglescote, Leicestershire,  in 1871 - RG10/3250; Folio 45, schedule 58 -

George Hickling,

age 75, (according to Ancestry Plus b1796), a labourer born Hugglescote

Mary Hickling, wife, aged 67, born  1804 in Markfield

Amy Hickling, Grandaughter, aged 4, born 1867 in Hugglescote

Amy was the illegitimate daughter of Jane.  Confirmed by Jane's 2 x Great Grandson, David Pittam - Amy was born on 10 February 1867 in Hugglescote - there was no father's name given, the sub-registration district was given as Whitwick; more information regarding Amy and Jane can be found here.

In the 1871 Census John and Sarah Hickling were living in Kirkroyds, Near Wombwell, in Yorkshire:  A little mystery here though was Bertha Sarah's or John's daughter from a previous marriage or was she illegitimate?   I did locate a John Hickling who married a Sarah Gocher in 1866 on FREEBMD, but looking on the 1871 Census on Ancestry.com, I found this couple were from Swannington, Leics.  So to date I haven't managed to find a marriage for 'our' John and Sarah.

John Hickling, Head, Mar, age 37, (b1834), a miner, born Leics, Markfield

Sarah Hickling, wife, Marr, aged 35, born  1836 in Leics, Markfield

Bertha Hickling, daughter, aged 14, born 1857 in Leics, Markfield

I have found a death for a Bertha Hannah Hickling, age 21 registered in Barnsley Jan 1878 9c p123. 

Sarah Dexter nee Hickling died on 13 July 1869 - her husband George and their sons were still living in Hugglescote -

George Dexter, Head, Widower, age 30, a Porter, born Leics, Rothley

John Dexter, son, aged 8, Scholar, born  in Leics, Hugglescote

Harry Dexter, son, aged 6, Scholar, born  in Leics, Hugglescote

According to Violet Matthew's research George and Mary's son James had married Elizabeth Clayton on 18 June 1861 in Syston; in the 1871 Census they are living in London Road, Whitwick, Leicestershire -

James Hickling, Head, Mar, age 30, Coal Miner, born Leics, Sileby

Elizabeth Hickling, wife, Marr, aged 28, born  Leics, Syston

William Hickling, son, aged 10, Scholar, born Leics, Syston
Clara Hickling, Daur, aged 7, Scholar, born Leics, Coalville Alfred Hickling, son, aged 4,  born Leics, Coalville John Edward Hickling, son, aged 1,  born Leics, Coalville

The James Hickling shown above and the following entry showing a William Hickling visiting the Clayton household in Syston are NOT our HICKLING branch.  I thought that this was George and Mary's youngest son, William.  The above mentioned James Hickling's father was Return to topThomas Hickling -  I have been contacted by Gareth Thomas who is connected to this particular Hickling/Clayton family. 

John Clayton, Head, Mar, age 35, Baker and Publican, born London

Ann Clayton, wife, Marr, aged 40, born  Leics, Syston

Ada Clayton, Daur, aged 16, Scholar, born Leics, Syston
Edith Clayton, Daur, aged 5,  born Leics, Syston John Clayton, son, aged 2,  born Leics, Syston Edward Clayton, son, aged 4mths,  born Leics, Syston William Hickling, Visitor, Unmarried, aged 28,  Brick Layer, born Leics, Rearsby

Carolyn always thought I was following the wrong 'track' regarding James - so what has happened to William and Mary's sons James, born Markfield in 1833 and William, born Hugglescote in 1844?  I have found a death which might be William on FreeBMD - registered at Ashby Zouch age 28; vol 7a page 60.

Update 2007! Carolyn has done some detective work based on the 1861 misnaming of James and John at the Prince of Wales pub, and we think this is James transcribed on Ancestry.co.uk as Lkling!! - enumerator's version is "Ikling" in the 1871 Census: 

John Fletcher, Head, Mar, age 42, Miner, born Yorkshire, Elsecar

Sarah Lees, Housekeeper, Marr, aged 42, born  Lancashire, Manchester

James Ikling, Boarder, aged 36, Miner, born - - -

The address was given as 214 Skelson Cttgs; The enumeration district gives a clue: "Wombwell Township (part of).  All the remaining part of the Township of Wombwell, comprising Kit Royd, and Jump, and Woodhead.  Obviously James wasn't consulted on the content as there was nothing in the "Condition" column and 3 dashes in the "Where born" column.


Both George and Mary Hickling died between the 1871 and 1881 Census.  I believe these are their death certificates:



Registration District - Ashby de la Zouch

1874 DEATH in the Sub-District of Whitwick in the Counties of Leicester and Derby

Columns 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


When and where died

Name and surname




Cause of death

Signature, description and residence of informant

When registered

Signature of registrar


Eighteenth January 1874 Hugglescote, Leicester

George Hickling


76 years

Formerly a Colliery Labourer

Natural Decay



Joseph Richardson,

 In Attendance Hugglescote

Twentieth January 1874

John Davenport Registrar

Joseph Richardson was the husband of George's daughter Elizabeth - they had married in 1869 - the marriage being registered at Ashby de la Zouch June quarter of 1869.



Registration District - Ashby de la Zouch

1878 DEATH in the Sub-District of Whitwick in the Counties of Leicester and Derby

Columns 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


When and where died

Name and surname




Cause of death

Signature, description and residence of informant

When registered

Signature of registrar


Seventh December 1878 Hugglescote, Leicester

Mary Hickling


78 years

Widow of George Hickling, a Farm  Labourer

Ascites 5 years Paralysis right Hemiplegic 2 days Certified by T. Lennard Laen M.B.C.M.

Joseph Hardy,  Son in law


In Attendance

- Hugglescote

Eighth December 1878

John Davenport Registrar

Joseph Hardy was the husband of Mary and George's daughter Jane - see 1881 Census entry

The following is the 1871 Census entry for George and Mary's daughter Elizabeth and her new husband, Joseph Richardson living at 15 Winstanley Terrace, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire:

Joseph Richardson, Head, Marr, aged 24, Locomotive Fire Man, born Leicestersh, Desford Elizabeth Richardson, wife, Marr, aged 29,  born Leicestersh, Hugglescote Mary A. Richardson, daur,  aged 1,  born Leicestersh, Hugglescote Frederick Perry, Lodger, Unmarried, aged 17,  Iron Founders Clerk, born Rutland, Oakham

1881 Census

Found living at 32 Upper Haugh – that was 32 Chapel Walk, Upper Haugh -

Francis Thomas Hickling, aged 51, a Lamp Keeper (coal cleaner) born Hugglescote, Leicester

Mary Hickling, wife, aged 52, born Thorpe Hesley, Yorks

Henry Hickling, son, aged 25, born, Upper Haugh, Rawmarsh, a coal miner

Francis Thos Hickling, son,

aged 20, born  Upper Haugh, Rawmarsh, a coal miner

Frances Ann Hickling, daughter, aged 16, born 1864, Upper Haugh, Rawmarsh

Willie Hickling*, son, aged 14,

born 1867,

Upper Haugh, Rawmarsh, a coal miner

* = my Grandfather

Brother John and his wife, Sarah Hickling were living near Wombwell at 165 Cowoods Cottgs, Jump with their two Yorkshire born children:

John Hickling, Head, Mar, age 49, (b1834), a miner, born Leics, Markfield*

Sarah Hickling, wife, Marr, aged 44, born  1837 in Leics, Markfield*

Lura, aged 7, daughter, Scholar, born Yorks, Jump

John Valentine Hickling, aged 4, son, Scholar, born Jump, 

*Transcribed as Mackfield

Return to topJames Hickling appears in the 1881 Census as born Hoyland, Yorkshire, living in Hoyland Nether, Barnsley, with wife E. Hickling also born Hoyland:

James Hickling, Head, Marr, age 49, Coal Miner, born Hoyland, Yorkshire E. Hickling, wife, Marr, age 47, born Hoyland, Yorkshire Tom Hickling, son, age 20, Coal Miner, born Hoyland, Yorkshire Walter Hickling, son, age 22, Coal Miner, born Hoyland, Yorkshire Albert Hickling, son, age 20, Coal Scholar, born Hoyland, Yorkshire

Carolynn found these children and James's wife 'E.' in the 1871 census living in Hoyland:

Eliza Eyre, Head, widow, Marr, age 36, Miners Widow, born Yorks, Hoyland

Joshua Eyre, son,  age 18, Puddler, born Yorks, Hoyland

Tom Eyre, son, aged 12, Puddler, born Yorks, Hoyland
George Eyre, son, aged 9, Scholar, born Yorks, Hoyland Walter Eyre, son, aged 4, Scholar, born Yorks, Hoyland Albert Eyre, son, aged 1, born Yorks, Hoyland

By 1881, George and Mary's daughter Elizabeth and her husband Joseph Richardson had moved back to Leicestershire and were in Desford - the address given as "Village St":

Joseph Richardson, Head, Marr, aged 34, Ag. Lab., born Lester, Desford Elizabeth Richardson, wife, Marr, aged 39,  born Lester, Hugglescote Mary Ann Richardson, daur,  aged 11, Scholar, born Lester, Hugglescote John W. Richardson, son, aged 7, Scholar, born Lester,
Ernest C. Richardson, son, aged 5, Scholar, born Lester, Ratby Arthur Richardson, son, aged 4, Scholar, born Lester, Desford Emma Richardson, daur,  aged 1, born Lester, Desford  Samuel Richardson, son, aged 3 weeks,  born Lester, Desford


Finding out that my great grandmother Mary Hickling was a widow in the 1891 Census, I sent for my grandfather's death certificate -



Registration District - Rotherham

1890 DEATH in the Sub-District of Kimberworth in the County of York

Columns 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


When and where died

Name and surname




Cause of death

Signature, description and residence of informant

When registered

Signature of registrar


Eighteenth February 1890 Upper Haugh Rawmarsh

Francis Thomas Hickling


61 years


A Hemiplegia 3 days

Certified by John Stokes MD MRPS

Henry Hickling, son present at his death Upper Haugh Rawmarsh

Twentieth February 1890

John Lund Registrar

According to the fpnotebook.com website this was probably a stroke involving loss of movement lasting 3 days.

At a meeting of the Rotherham Family History Society I asked for a search of the burial records for the surname Hickling and found that Frances Thomas Hickling was buried on 21 February 1890  at Rawmarsh, St Mary's cemetery. 

Now looking for his grave will be an interesting experience as this is a graveyard where the environment has been left in order to encourage the growth of plants so that insects and wildlife can flourish. 

Francis Thomas Hickling's death appears in William Parkin's Book (1872-1916) - this is an indexed list of fatal accidents and other stories taken from the Rotherham Advertiser.  Amongst the pages was the death of my great grandfather -

"Francis Hicking of Upper Haugh, whilst following his employment at Low Stubbing Colliery, was seized with stroke on Saturday, Feby. 15th and died.  1890."

Thanks to Anne Thompson of the Rawmarsh and Parkgate Local History Group for loaning me this information. 

Barry and I attempted to find Francis Thomas's grave, but its impossible most of the graves are now almost covered in Ivy.  It was raining at the time too, so we gave up and went home.

I telephoned Rotherham Crematorium and found out that they operate the same service as Barnsley MBC and we arranged to meet on Thursday, 14 October to be shown the grave.

Barry and I were shown Francis Thomas Hickling's Grave - this was on a plot behind the former Rollett's Garage on Rawmarsh Hill.  The grave was at the top of this section of the graveyard and underneath lots of debris, old branches and litter.  We cleared the rubbish and saw only grass.  There was no gravestone whatsoever.   I took a few photographs and show the thumbnails here - to view a larger shot, click on the photograph and then on the 'back' button to return to this page. 

Picture 1 on the left shows where the grave is from where we were standing on the top path. 

Picture 2 is taken a little closer and the adjoining grave can just be seen. Francis Thomas is buried to the left of the gravestone in the second picture. 

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On visiting the Rotherham Library, Local Studies and Archives, I found the following entries in the 1891 Census - the Hickling family were still living at 32 Chapel Walk where Mary, was now widowed and Head of household -

Mary Hickling, Head, Widow; age 62 born Thorpe Hesley, Yorks Henry Hickling, son, single, age 35, a coalminer, born Haugh, Yorks Willie, son, single, age 24, a coalminer, born Haugh, Yorks Agnes Hickling, Grandaughter, age 5, born Hoyland, Yorks

 I have yet to discover who were the parents of Agnes, born in Hoyland. Willie was my Grandfather.

 I did find Francis and Mary's son, Francis Thos Hickling living at 25 High Street, Rawmarsh -

Francis Hickling, Head, age 30 a General Labourer/Collier (born 28 Dec 1861, Upper Haugh) Rebecca Hickling, wife, age 30, born Rawmarsh (see below) Charles F Hickling, son age 2, born Rawmarsh

The FreeBMD website revealed the marriage of Francis Thomas Hickling (Jnr) and Rebecca Jenkinson; the marriage was registered at Rotherham in the September quarter of 1885 (9c p722).  In the 1881 Census Rebecca Jenkinson was living at 5 Phillips Row, Rawmarsh, unmarried, age 20, born Rawmarsh, employed as a Domestic Servant at the home of Henry and Elizabeth Hicks.  Henry's occupation was a Saddler and Farmer with 40 acres.

I could not find any further information regarding the rest of the Hickling household.  However searching again on the FreeBMD website I discovered that Frances Ann Hickling had married James Fretwell in the December quarter of 1889 (Rotherham 9c p1046).

Searching the 1881 Census again, I found the Fretwell family living at Knaptons Yard - 21 Green Lane, Rawmarsh, James was then 18 and had been born in Root (Wroot), Lincoln - he was a coal miner.  James's Mother and Father were Thomas and Sarah Fretwell from Heppeth, Lincoln and West Wood, Lincoln, respectively.  I had still to find out where Frances Ann was at the time of the 1891 Census. 

Now knowing Frances Ann had married, I returned to the 1891 Cenus and found the couple with a baby son, living at 11 High Street, Rawmarsh -

James Fretwell, age 31, married, a Coalminer; born in Wroot, Lincolnshire Frances Ann Fretwell, age 26, wife, born Upper Haugh, Yorkshire Gilbert W Fretwell*, son aged 10 months born at 32 Upper Haugh, Rawmarsh

* A descendant of James and Frances Fretwell has contacted me from Scotland; Peter Fretwell's father was Gilbert Willis Fretwell.  Gilbert was born at 32 Upper Haugh, Rawmarsh - Frances Ann's former home at Chapel Walk. 

Peter informs me that James Fretwell had been born in 1862 and had been in the army and served in India - he was 236 Pte J Fretwell 1-Yorks L.I.  Peter has James's medal with two campaign bars for Burma 1885-7 and 1887-89 but has drawn a blank trying to research James's army background; a researcher searching for details at Kew, informed him that the 'box' was empty.

James and Frances were married 15 Dec 1889, James was 29 and Frances aged 24, the witnesses were Frances's brother and sister, Willie Hickling and Bertha Gambles.

Peter's mother thought that Frances Ann had been a school teacher - I have said I would try to find out more information for him.  My daughter is a school teacher and we have seen the log books for her school and there's a wealth of detail to be found in these records.

Having discovered Francis and Mary Hickling's daughter Bertha's married name I looked on the 1881 Census and found them living on the same street,  at 44 Chapel Walk, at Upper Haugh, Rawmarsh:

Herbert Gambles, Head, age 23, Coal Miner, born Upper Haugh, York Bertha Gambles, wife, age 23, born Upper Haugh, Yorks Henry Gambles, Son, age 2,  born Upper Haugh, Yorks

and in the 1891 Census they were living at the same address:

Herbert Gambles, Head, age 33, Coalminer (Em'ee), born Nether  Haugh, Yorks Bertha Gambles, wife, age 23, born Upper Haugh, Yorks Adeline Gambles, daughter, age 9, born Upper Haugh, Yorks Alice Gambles, daughter, age 6, born Upper Haugh, Yorks Lucy Gambles, daughter, age 2, born Upper Haugh, Yorks

Sadly I found Henry and Lucy Gambles in the Rotherham FHS burial list:Return to top

GAMBLES Henry 23 Feb 1883 abode: Upper Haugh age: 4 son of H

Rawmarsh High Street Cemetery from 8/Jun/1880 to 30/Oct/1883

H presumably was Herbert Gambles 

GAMBLES Lucy 24 Apr 1892 abode: Rawmarsh,50 Upper Haugh age: 3+
Rawmarsh St Mary from 8/May/1891 to 7/Sep/1895

John and Sarah Hickling were still living in Jump but now at 196 Church Street and John had left the pit!

John Hickling, Head, Marr, age 61, News Agent, born Leicester, Markfield Sarah Hickling, Wife, Marr, age 57,  born Leicester, Markfield Lura Hickling, daughter, single, age 19, born Yorks, Wombwell John V, son, single, age 14, a Coal Miner, born Yorks, Wombwell Edward Perry, Lodger, age 23, Sailor, born Middlesex

Thanks to Carolynn who found James Hickling living at No. 7 Loys Buildings, Hoyland Nether - transcribed as 'Hickley':

James Hickling, Head, Marr, age 58, Colliery Labourer, born Leicestershire, Markfield Eliza Hickling, Wife, Marr, age 56,  born Yorkshire, Hoyland Nether Walter Eyre, Lodger, Marr, age 24, Coal Miner, born Yorkshire, Hoyland Nether Lily Eyre, Lodger, Marr, age 19, born Yorkshire, Hoyland Common Frederick Eyre, Lodger,  age 2 months, born Yorkshire, Hoyland Nether

In the 1891 Census Joseph and Elizabeth Richardson have moved to 6 Wilson Street, St Margaret's district of Leicester and Joseph had once again changed his job:

Joseph Richardson, Head, Marr, aged 43, Steam Riser, born Leics, Desford Elizabeth Richardson, wife, Marr, aged 49,  born Leics, Hugglescote Mary Ann Richardson, daur,  aged 21, Winder Cotton, born Leics, Hugglescote John W. Richardson, son, aged 17, Finisher Boot, born Leics, Leicester
Arthur Richardson, son, aged 14, Paister Boot, born Leics, Desford Emma Richardson, daur,  aged 11, Scholar, born Leics, Desford Samuel Richardson, son, aged 10, Scholar, born Leics, Desford


Willie Hickling = Mary Gash

My grandparents

I already possessed my Grandparents' marriage certificate, found amongst my mother's possessions:

Certificate of Marriage

Book, No. 1 Page 53

1896, Marriage Solemnized at St George's Church  in the Parish of Wombwell  in the County of York


When married

Name and Surname



Rank or Profession

Residence at the time of marriage

Father's name and surname

Rank or profesion of father


May 25 1896

Willie Hickling


Mary Gash










Upper Haugh, Rawmarsh


121 New Street, Hemmingfield

Francis Thomas Hickling (dec)


William Gash




Married in the above Church according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church, after Banns; by me

I Jordan Evans, Curate

Willie and Mary signed the register; the Witnesses were James Gash and Emma Gash

Witnesses were Mary's brother and sister

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Changes of addresses for the 1901 Census, beginning with G Grandmother Mary Hickling, now living at No 38 Chapel Walk, Upper Haugh -

Mary Hickling, Head, widow, age 71, born Thorpe, Yorks Henry Hickling, son, single, age 45, Occupation - Coal Trams Below John F Hill - Boarder, a widower, age 52, born Barnsley, Occupation Carter On Farm

I had found a death on FreeBMD for a Mary Hickling, registered at Rotherham, age 77 in the March quarter of 1906, vol 9c page 417 and I have now received the certificate:



Registration District - Rotherham

1906 DEATH in the Sub-District of Rawmarsh in the County of York

Columns 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


When and where died

Name and surname




Cause of death

Signature, description and residence of informant

When registered

Signature of registrar


Eleventh January 1906 40 Dale Road, Rawmarsh


Mary Hickling


77 years

Widow of Francis Thomas Hickling

Coal Miner

Senile Decay

Certified by

E B Jago MB

W Hickling, son \present at death. 38 Upper Haugh Rawmarsh

Twelfth January 1906

Wm Walker Registrar

The puzzle of whose child Agnes Hickling was, was solved with the following entry in the 1901 Census.  The Fretwell family were now living at 5 Workhouse Yard, High Street, Rawmarsh:

James Fretwell, head, aged 41, born Wroot, Yorks

Occupation Coal Hewer Below Ground

Frances A Fretwell, wife, age 36, born Rawmarsh, Yorks

Agnes Hickling, Step Daughter, age 15, born Hoyland, Yorks

Gilbert W Fretwell, son aged 10, born  Rawmarsh

Emily Fretwell, daughter, aged 9, born  Rawmarsh

Bertha Fretwell, daughter, aged 4, born  Rawmarsh

Herbert Fretwell, son aged 2, born  Rawmarsh


Frances J Fretwell, son, aged 8mths, born Rawmarsh

Agnes married Colin Lilley in 1906.  The Lilley family were neighbours of the Fretwell family, living in Workhouse Yard, Rawmarsh at No.1.

Francis and Mary's son Francis T. Hickling and his family were still living at 25 High Street, Rawmarsh:

Francis T Hickling, Head, age 40 a Coal Hewer/Below Ground, born 1861, Upper Haugh Rebecca Hickling, wife, age 40, born abt 1861 at Rawmarsh Charles F Hickling*, son age 12, born abt 1889, Rawmarsh Willie Hickling, son age 9, born abt 1892, Rawmarsh Mary E Hickling, daughter, aged 7, born  Rawmarsh Elsie Hickling, daughter, aged 4, born  Rawmarsh Ernest A.  Hickling son age 2, born abt 1892, Rawmarsh

Francis and Rebecca had another son born in 1904, Percy Hickling.  I remember visiting Percy with my parents and believe that was in Doncaster. 

*Charles Francis Hickling, b 9 July 1888, son of Francis Hickling and Rebecca married May Bartlett (born c1895); their children were:

Bernard Bartlett Hickling, born 26 Dec 1920 Rawmarsh

Frank Hickling, born 5 May 1922, Rawmarsh

Ethel Hickling, born 20 August 1927 at Rawmarsh

Bernard married Doris Collins and they had two sons and now live in Lincolnshire.

Frank married Doreen White registered at Rother Valley Vol 2c page 1714 April 1947 - a photo of their marriage is shown below.

Ethel married twice, her first marriage to a soldier in 1950, Thomas Homer, ended in divorce and she later married Vic Mayo; Tony Homer was her son from her first marriage - Tony was later adopted by Vic and his name was changed to Tony Mayo.  Ethel and Vic had three boys, Peter, Keith and Nigel. 

I remember visiting Uncle Charlie and Auntie May at their house at Rawmarsh, on Dale Street in "the City" this is a series of streets just below Rosehill Park.  I became firm friends with their daughter Ethel until she died very tragically of leukaemia in 1973.

Frank Hickling's wedding Ethel Hickling, Bridesmaid Ethel and Tony Mayo Stephen Hutchinson and Hilary Braithwaite at Redhill Family group at Redhill near London

Picture 1 is Frank Hickling's wedding; Uncle Charlie is on the left; that's me in front of him; Auntie May is sat down in front of the bridegroom and Ethel is the adult bridesmaid on the right. Thanks to Craig for identifying some of the other people on this photograph and in addition reintroducing me to the other bridesmaid Julia who confirmed some of these names. Back row, left to right - Charles Hickling (groom's father); George D. White (bride's brother); Frank Hickling; Doreen White; George White (bride's father) the other two men have not yet been identified*; Front row: Hilary Braithwaite (me); Elsie Ogden (fiancé of George D. White); May Hickling nee Bartlett (groom's mother); Lily White nee Rowbottom (bride's mother); Ethel Hickling (groom's sister); and Julia Smith (bride's cousin from Halifax). Frank and Doreen were later divorced; and Doreen married Dennis Beech in 1954 and they subsequently went to live in Lincolnshire.

* Julie thinks that the man (2nd right) is George White's brother; I think the remaining man could be Percy Hickling as he is also on picture number three, Ethel's wedding.

Picture 2 shows Ethel as a bridesmaid at another wedding, possibly her brother Bernard's marriage to Doris Collins.

Picture 3 is the wedding of Ethel Hickling and Thomas Homer - the youngest bridesmaid is me on a very wet day outside Rawmarsh Parish Church. I think the man standing at the back, just behind the bride and groom is Bernard Hickling, Ethel's brother; her other brother Frank is on the extreme right; Charlie and May Hickling, Ethel's parents are shown just behind me.

Picture 4 shows of Ethel and Tony Homer prior to her second marriage to Victor Mayo.

Picture 5 was taken in Redhill, near London - Stephen Hutchinson, son of George and Francis Hutchinson, nee Lilley - Francis was my Mother's cousin.  Descendant of Agnes Hickling who married Colin Lilley in 1906.

Picture 6 another photographs taken in the same garden at Redhill - Stephen is sat on Irene Burling, nee Lilley's knee, I need to find out the names of the other people in the group.Return to top


Herbert and Bertha Gambles were at No.50 Upper Haugh, Rawmarsh in 1901:

Herbert Gambles, Head, age 43, Coal Hewer (Worker), born Yorks, Rawmarsh Bertha Gambles, wife, age 43, born Yorks, Rawmarsh Adeline Gambles, daughter, single, age 19, born Yorks, Rawmarsh Alice Gambles, daughter, age 16, Apprentice Dressmaker, (Worker),  born Yorks, Rawmarsh Albert E Ruther?, Boarder, age 24, Police Constable, (Worker), born Durham, Darlington

George and Mary Hickling's son John was still at No. 196 Church Street, Jump:

John Hickling, Head, Marr, age 71, News Agent, born Leicester, Markfield Sarah H. Hickling, Wife, Marr, age 68,  born Leicester, Markfield

John and Sarah's daughter Lura had married Edmund Perry on 31 Jan 1892; at the time of their marriage Edmund was age 24, a Tailor, his father was John Perry, also a tailor; their residence was given as 196 Church Street; Lura was 18 years old; her father John's occupation was shown as "Newsagent"; one of the witnesses was Mary Jane Hickling.

Looking for George & Mary Hickling's son, James in 1901, Carolynn found that his wife Eliza was living at 139 Milton Road, Hoyland Nether with her son, Thomas Eyre:

Thomas Eyre, Head, Marr, age 42, Coal Miner/Hewer, Worker, born Yorks, Hoyland

Mary Ann Eyre, Wife, Marr, age 33, born Yorks, Hoyland

Harriet S. Eyre, Daur, age 12, born Yorks, Hoyland

James Eyre, son, age 8, born Yorks, Hoyland

Frank Eyre, son, age 5, born Yorks, Hoyland Thomas Eyre, son, age 3 born Yorks, Hoyland Clara Eyre, Daur, age 1, born Yorks, Hoyland Eliza Hickling, M-in-law, Widow, age 66, born Yorks, Hoyland

Carolynn found two deaths registered in Pontefract which might be James and Eliza - James Hickling age 68, death registered Sep 1900; and Eliza Hickling, age 66, death registered Dec 1901. No marriage found for James and Eliza to date.

My grandparent's household in the 1901 census was very difficult to find.  In the end I gave up and searched for great grandfather William Gash and found  him living with the "Hickbrig's" at 15 Levite Hagg, Rawmarsh.  Incidentally, Levite Hagg was known in later years as Greenpiece Cottages (pictured below).  There were quite a few errors on this 1901 census entry.  Mary Hickling was transcribed as born in "Lilcols, Lattersall".  I had filled in the census error form and the amendments I related have now been made; However there are also several mistakes on the Ancestry.com version which have been wrongly transcribed and I have contributed to their comments and corrections procedure - this time the major error though is my Great Grandfather, William Gash transcribed as "William Garlo"! -

Willie Hickling, Head, aged 34

Coal Hewer, born Yorks, Rawmarsh

Mary Hickling, wife, aged 25

born Tattersall, Lincolnshire

William F Hickling, son, aged 4, born Yorks, Rawmarsh

Norman Hickling, son, aged 2, born Yorks, Rawmarsh

Charles T Hickling, son, aged 1, born Yorks, Rawmarsh

William Gash, Father In Law, Widr, aged 70, born Boston, Lincolnshire

Army (Pensioner)

Born 6 March 1867 Born 12 April 1875 Born 28 Oct 1898 Dec Quarter 1898 Born 14 Dec 1899 Born 29 Oct 1830

The newly published 1911 Census showed my Grandparents living at 38 Upper Haugh, near Rotherham, Yorkshire, this was the address where Great Grandmother was living in 1901. In this census record they were shown to have been married 15 years:

Willie Hickling, Head, aged 44

Coll iery Labourer Under Ground, born Rawmarsh, Yorks

Mary Hickling, wife, aged 36

born Coningsby, Lincolnshire

William Francis Hickling, son, aged 14, Pony Driver Underground, born Rawmarsh, Yorks

Norman Hickling, son, aged 12, born Rawmarsh, Yorks

Charles Thomas Hickling, son, aged 11, born Rawmarsh, Yorks Mary Alice Irene Hickling*, daughter, aged 8, born Rawmarsh, Yorks Leslie Raymond Hickling, son, aged 3, born Rawmarsh, Yorks Ruth Gash, Sister in law, Single, age 30 born Canister??, Lincolnshire

* My mother.  Auntie Ruth's birthplace is a puzzle! In previous census records she's shown as being born in Thornton le Fen which was later known as Wildmore. I haven't purchased the original as yet because I think they are charging too much.

Agnes Hickling had married Colin Lilley - shown in this census as 5 years married and they were living at No.5 Off High Street, Rawmarsh:

Colin Lilley, Head, aged 24, Coal Miner Hewer, born Rawmarsh, Yorks Agnes Lilley, wife, age 25, born Hoyland, Yorks Jane Elizabeth Lilley, Daughter, age 3, born Rawmarsh, Yorks Frances Mary Lilley, Daughter, age 1, born Rawmarsh, Yorks Eunice Lilley, Daughter, age 1 week, born Rawmarsh, Yorks Emily Fretwell, Visitor, Single, age 19, born Rawmarsh, Yorks


Looking through Rawmarsh National Infant School Admission Register for the years 1899-1929, I found the following entries:

Admission No. Date of Admission Surname Forename(s) Parents or Guardian's Name Address Date of Birth
2740 1 Oct 1902 Hickling Ernest Francis High Street 21 Mar 1899
2824 9 Feb 1903 Fretwell Bertha James High Street 21 Mar 1897
2825 9 Feb 1903 Fretwell Herbert James High Street 28 Nov 1898
2899 1 Oct 1903 Fretwell Francis T. James 5 Workhouse Yd 17 Jul 1900

Later entries in the register showed more information:

Admission No. Date of Admission Surname Forename(s) Parents or Guardian's Name Address Date of Birth Previous School Date of Last Attendance Date of leaving Cause of Leaving
3330 8 Apr 1907 Fretwell John Robt. James 5 High St 11 Apr 1902   6 Nov 1908 6 Nov 1908 Left district
3444 9 Apr 1908 Fretwell Jim James 5 Workhouse Yd 13 Mar 1904   6 Nov 1908 6 Nov 1908 Left district


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The Hickling Family, Rawmarsh, South Yorkshire Green Piece Cottages, Upper Haugh The Site of Greenpiece Cottages, Rawmarsh The Plaque from Greenpiece Cottages, Rawmarsh Nether Haugh Remains of the Wesleyan Chapel, Upper Haugh Mary, Willie and Norman Hicklings' grave Memorial Silk for Norman Hickling's death


1 Mary and Willie Hickling with their children Back row, left to right, William, Norman, Charles; Irene, my mother on the stool, Leslie on Mary's knee
2 Greenpiece Cottages The Hickling Family address on the 1901 Census (Levite Hagg)
3 Greenpiece Cottages site 2005 The new residences replacing Greenpiece Cottages
4 The Sign from the gable end of the original cottages
5 Nether Haugh, Rawmarsh Upper Haugh Wesleyan Methodist Chapel congregation and banner
6 Only the sign remains Found laid in the garden of John Healey MP's garden on Chapel Walk - Wesleyan Methodist Chapel AD 1879
7 The grave of my Grandparents, Mary and Willie Hickling and their son, Norman Hickling, interred in Haugh Road Cemetery, at Rawmarsh. "IN LOVING MEMORY OF MARY HICKLING Died Oct 23rd 1943 aged 68 years. Also WILLIE HICKLING, her beloved husband died May 30th 1946 aged 79 years.  Also NORMAN, son of the above died Oct 23r 1933, aged 34 years."
8 Norman Hickling's memorial silk. Norman enlisted in WW1, he was born in 1899 so was very young - I have found his entry on the WW1 medal rolls index cards - Pte Norman Hickling, Regimental No. 265533, York R. Corps; he received 2 medals -the Victory Medal and British Medal.  In the remarks it states "Disemb" - I don't yet know what this means.  Norman was discharged owing to being gassed in the trenches - he was a handsome young man but suffered from the effects of mustard gas and steadily got worse, dying in 1933.


Upper Haugh Council School Haugh Council School Haugh Council School, Rawmarsh Grandad Hickling on the left in 1937 St George's Church, Jump Carolynn and Hilary


9 Haugh Council School 1910 Mary Alice Irene Hickling is on the 2nd row, 6th child from the left
10 Haugh Council School 2005 According to Kelly's directory this was an infants school erected in 1881 at a cost of £500 for 90 children.  This building is now used as a Community Centre.
12 Willie Hickling My Grandfather, Willie Hickling on the left, I don't know the names of the other two men. Grandad lost an eye, said to be in an accident with a bull.
13 St George's Church This was the church where Mary Gash married Willie Hickling.  The church is in the village of Jump, near to Wombwell, Barnsley.  The Gash family were living in Hemmingfield, and this was the nearest church.  In fact Hemmingfield and Jump are neighbouring villages.
14 Carolynn Skelton and I As previously mentioned, Lynn contacted me via Genes Connected as she is also a Hickling descendant, brothers William, James, John, Henry and Francis Thomas moved up to Yorkshire to find work.  Henry is Lynn's ancestor. 


William Hickling and Beatrice Briggs Charles Hickling and Phyllis Briggs Leslie Hickling and Miriam Jackson Irene Hickling and Albert Braithwaite Eileen Hickling and Ron Gooseman The Wedding of Freda Hickling and Harold Lidster Keith Hickling marrying Sonya Winstanley with Susan Lidster

Picture 1: William Hickling with his wife Beatrice (formerly Briggs)*, I'm not sure whether this picture may have been taken before or after their marriage. 

Picture 2: Charles Hickling and Phyllis Briggs* on their wedding day - this may have been taken in the back yard of 52 Kilnhurst Road, Rawmarsh, the home of Willie and Mary Hickling. 

* Beatrice and Phyllis Briggs were cousins.

Picture 3: Leslie Hickling and Miriam Jackson on the day of their marriage - these 3 photographs look as if they were all taken at 52 Kilnhurst Road, Rawmarsh.

Picture 4: Mary Alice Irene Hickling and Albert Braithwaite on their wedding day, 26 December 1925.

Picture 5: Eileen Hickling married Ron Gooseman on 3 June 1950 at Rawmarsh Parish Church, Eileen's parents were Charles Hickling and Phyllis Briggs.    

Picture 6: Wedding Group picture when Freda Hickling married Harold Lidster; Freda was the daughter of William Francis Hickling and Beatrice Briggs; I think the people on the left are Harold's family (names not known); the smaller bridesmaids - me on the left and my cousin Joan Hickling on the right; the names of the other bridesmaids - not known; next to Freda is her parents; her brother Keith; and her Grandparents William Richard Briggs and his wife Hannah Briggs nee Pearce.

Picture 7: Another Wedding Day Picture - Keith Hickling and Sonya Winstanley with Susan Lidster, Freda and Harold's daughter

Picture 8: Derek Hickling with his wife Lynn formerly Walker.  Derek's parents were Leslie and Miriam Hickling.

Please visit the Photo Gallery 2 for more photographs of the Hickling family. 

Looking in Kelly's directory for Sheffield and Rotherham Suburbs at Rotherham Archives, I found the following entries: 

For 1922:

Hickling  Mr. William, butcher, 52

     Kilnhurst road

Beckett, Thomas, shopkeeper, 50

     Kilnhurst road, Ryecroft

For 1924-5:

Hickling  Miss Irene, milliner, 52

     Kilnhurst road

Hickling  Mrs. Mary, butcher, 52

     Kilnhurst road

Beckett, Thomas, shopkeeper, 50

     Kilnhurst road, Ryecroft

For 1925:

Hickling  Mrs. Mary, butcher, 52

     Kilnhurst road

Beckett, Thomas, shopkeeper, 50

     Kilnhurst road, Ryecroft

1926 was the same as above

For 1928:

Hickling  Miss Irene, milliner, 50

     Kilnhurst road

Hickling  Mrs. Mary, butcher, 52

     Kilnhurst road

My Mother and Father had moved into the 50 Kilnhurst Road house and shop by 1926, but yet my Mother isn't shown in Kelly's as living at No. 50 until 1928, Mr Thomas Beckett is shown in the 1926 directory as being in residence at No. 50.  And although they were married, my Mother used her maiden name as proprietor of the shop.  Now I realise why the business was always known as "Hickling's". 


If anyone wants to get in touch with me regarding anything on this site please please contact me at -

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